Category: Work Culture

5 Empathy Skills (with Examples) You Need In Order To Be An Influential Leader

Leadership extends beyond mere authority and decision-making; it involves skillfully guiding others towards shared objectives.

Learning and Development Should Embrace “Sportify” over “Gamify”

Using Sports (and not Games) as a North Star for Learning Development adds a Growth Mindset culture, as well as a culture of discipline for the right reasons.

“Innovate or Die”: The Surprising Origins of “Side Project Time”

As “20% Side Project Time” becomes less popular at maturing tech companies, we remember the surprising origin of this concept that dates all the way back to World War II at 3M.

Music at Work: Research on Productivity

Music can be a help or a hinderance depending on a few factors.

ADHD and the Skill of Impulse Control

If you suffer from ADHD (or even if you don’t), understanding impulsivity and developing strategies that prevent impulses from arising can boost productivity.

The Curious Simultaneous Rise of ADHD and Remote Work

ADHD Diagnoses have skyrocketed in recent years and what that means for managers and business owners.

The State of Remote Work for Individuals with ADHD in 2023

The latest research on the cross-section of ADHD and Remote Work