Category: Business History

The Surprising Origins of the term: “The American Dream”

The optimistic term came from the depths of the bleakest economic crisis in US History.

“Innovate or Die”: The Surprising Origins of “Side Project Time”

As “20% Side Project Time” becomes less popular at maturing tech companies, we remember the surprising origin of this concept that dates all the way back to World War II at 3M.

What are Workforce Development Programs (WDPs) and How Can I Benefit?

WDPs are the American free-market approach to developing the country’s labor skills, but it’s a lot more than that when done at the community level.

World War II and the Expansion of Industrial and Organizational Psychology: A Catalyst for Innovation

It may surprise you the extent that Industrial/Organizational Development advanced in post-war America because of the trauma of war.

What Affect do Union Disputes and Strikes Have on the Stock Market? An In-Depth Retrospective

History of Labor Disputes’ affect on the US Stock Market and economy as a whole – short term and long term (research links below).

How China Used 9/11 to Their Advantage – a 22-Year Retrospective

There’s a parallel between China’s 20-year growth spurt and US economic growth post-World War II.

Lasting Effects of 9/11 on Business: a 22-Year Look Back

We look back at some of the lasting affects 9/11 had on the US and Global economies.

Gillibrand’s Stock Trading Ban: Details and Historical Precedent

Members of Congress’ stock portfolios outperformed the S&P 500 by an average of 17.5% last year. (Pictured: Ex-US Rep. Stephen Buyer of Indiana found guilty of insider trading in 2022 – AP News)

Labor Day’s Bloody Birth, Explained

Labor Day was born out of a bloody incident known as the Pullman Strike where US troops killed 13 and injured 50.

Impulse Control: How We Won The Evolutionary Race

Impulse Control was a necessary development for cooperation to be possible, and proved more effective than big teeth or claws.