Author: Cameron Postelwait

Gov. Spencer Cox (R-Utah) reveals blindspot about the “culture wars” at The Culture Builders Summit

Gov. Spencer Cox at a work culture conference reveals a major bias and blindspot as he positions himself as a bridge builder.

Work Focus: How Often Do You “Self-Interupt”?

Distractions in our lives are increasing, not decreasing. Our ability to stay on task in the face of laptops, smartphones and smart watches is changing according to Gloria Mark, PhD., author of the book “Attention Span”.

Groundhog Day: A Story of Sociopathic People-Pleasing

As we gather around the television to re-watch a holiday masterpiece, let’s remember the moral of the story and stop trying to please people for the wrong reasons.

Adaptive Leadership: How to Adopt the Most Sought-After Leadership Style in 2024

Adaptive Leadership is defined as the ability to anticipate future needs of an organization and lead during times of uncertainty. Here are the skills you need to master to be an adaptive leader in 2024.

Why People Pleasers Don’t Set Boundaries and What You Can Do About It

Your professional success will come much more naturally once you’ve made a solid habit of making appropriate boundaries with your manager, boss, co-workers, and others. How to target and change those people-pleasing habits.

The Surprising Origins of the term: “The American Dream”

The optimistic term came from the depths of the bleakest economic crisis in US History.

Learning and Development Should Embrace “Sportify” over “Gamify”

Using Sports (and not Games) as a North Star for Learning Development adds a Growth Mindset culture, as well as a culture of discipline for the right reasons.

Coca-Cola and PepsiCo Take the Aspartame Fight to Your Social Media Feed

Have you noticed the aspertame debate popping up in your social media feeds lately? The recent announcement by the World Health Organization (WHO) regarding aspartame has stirred up quite the storm. The WHO, in conjunction with the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Joint Expert Committee on […]

Music at Work: Research on Productivity

Music can be a help or a hinderance depending on a few factors.

World War II and the Expansion of Industrial and Organizational Psychology: A Catalyst for Innovation

It may surprise you the extent that Industrial/Organizational Development advanced in post-war America because of the trauma of war.